With over 12 years of experience, this team is ready to help you and your HOA reports

Founder of Gold Standard Reserve Study and Gold Standard Tax & Accounting 

Rachel Rubin was born and raised in sunny Southern California and relocated to New York in 2015. She thrives in an organized environment, which translates into every aspect of her career. Her love of numbers helps her that much more with accounting and financial budgeting. For fun, she likes to run on the beach and ride her bike around town.

  • Over 12 years experience with reserve study reports
  • Oversees and manages each reserve study report to ensure the highest accuracy
  • Provides financial analysis & budget projection of the report
  • Over a decade of experience with budgets and providing projections
  • Bachelors in Accountancy from California State University San Marcos

On site inspector for Gold Standard Reserve Study

Andrew Stone was born and raised in Escondido, California. He has had over 15 years experience in the construction and inspecting world. His favorite part about working in construction is seeing the finished product come to life - from concept design to completion. He enjoys working with Reserve Study Reports because he knows he is helping organizations from experiencing long term financial burden that can easily be prevented.

  • Inspects each community association to determine history, current conditions, and future needs
  • Evaluates the details behind all inventory components associated with the community, including the life span, unit cost, and replacement cost
  • Provides costs and estimates that assist in developing future budgets

Oversees customer relations and manages projects for Gold Standard Reserve Study

Miranda Fisher was born in Los Angeles and is a current San Diego resident, with over 25 years of customer relations experience. Her favorite aspect about working with HOAs is the opportunity to help them achieve their overall goals to bring growth and safety for future generations by providing superior results in customer service needs. When she isn't helping out Customer Associations, she enjoys hiking, swimming in the ocean, and spending time with her six nieces and nephews.

  • Over 25 years of customer relations experience
  • Oversees project and customer connections
  • Ensures quality customer experiences

Provides budget analysis for Gold Standard Study Reserve and Bookkeeper for Gold Standard Tax & Accounting 

Amanda Kodiatar currently lives in New York City, but is originally from Raymond, Washington. She has been apart of the Gold Standard team since 2016 and loves working with numbers. She says, "Numbers are like puzzles, every piece has its place and in the end it will fit if you take your time and find the right spot".  She also enjoys anything related to music and loves to sing.

  • Over a decade of experience with budgeting and taxes
  • Assists in providing financial analysis
  • Analyzes budget expenses and budget projection

Directs sales and marketing advice for both Gold Standard Study Reserve and for Gold Standard Tax & Accounting 

Makayla Vehorn was raised in California and currently lives in exciting New York.  Her love of people translates into her career, which has centered around customer relations, marketing, and social media. In her down time, she likes to write and relax with friends (especially going out for breakfast!)

  • Produces all social media content & connections
  • Develops new sales techniques
  • Oversees on-boarding processes
  • Manages marketing campaigns

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